Clairvoyance for JIRA is a trusted machine learning platform for businesses both large and small, startups and well-established corporations.

Improve outcomes by paying attention to what matters through automated machine learning insights to properly set and hit target dates.

Simulate future outcomes based on how your organization works. Change assumptions and rerun simulations to predict deliveries. Set realistic targets based on actual capacity and hit them consistently

Clairvoyance for JIRA enables early decisions when corrective actions still have time to affect outcomes such as: reduce scope, adjust priorities, and reallocate resources.

Turn end of project excuses into early project strategy wtih Clairvoyance for JIRA.

We Handle Metrics.

Never guess again! We'll show you hard data that will help you make better decisions.

Fully Automated Process

Expert Narrative Analysis

Weekly Report Status Delivery Guaranteed

Everything that matters in one place

Sweet, sweet validation.

There's nothing like the feeling of hitting project deadlines

Know your capacity, focus, and deliverables

Weekly report delivery with expert narratives  

Highlight the previous week's corrective actions impact on the metrics week over week


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Expert recommended corrective actions


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"what if" simulations showing outcomes based on simulations

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